Pedagogy leading the technology – lessons from our e-learning workshop

Danny training at e-Learning Essentials workshop

Last week, we had project teams from three of the colleges in for intensive training on scenario-based e-learning.

Danny took the group through our BTEC-accredited e-Learning Essentials workshop which challenges attendees to rethink their approach to e-learning. Something that isn’t always easy or comfortable to do, Danny says.

e-Learning Essentials workshopSue training at e-Learning Essentials workshop“As usual with this workshop, people come on it with an apprehensive mindset thinking it’s all about technology, when actually it’s all about teaching and learning.”

“It’s about transporting the classroom into the e-learning environment using active and immersive e-learning strategies.”

At the end of the three day workshop, everyone had produced a highly engaging piece of e-learning along with completing the level 4 accreditation.

They left, as one of them put it “full of enthusiasm” to pursue their plans of reinvigorating e-learning back at their institutions.

Before they went, we grabbed a few of them for a quick chat about the past three days.