A few bumps along the way – getting over disruptive changes

diversion sign

“Same language, different words” by Lindsay Eyink, CC BY

As any cross-institutional project in Further Education, we’ve had our share of challenges along the way.

Since we kicked off in March, the revolving doors have been busy spinning at our partner colleges. There has been organisational restructuring, significant changes to senior management, changes in line management for people involved in the project, redundancies and new people coming in.

But in amongst all the havoc, we’ve managed to keep going. We’ve still got all four colleges on board and the work is well underway in all of them. The enthusiasm of new people coming in has blown us away and the new managers we’ve convinced of the importance of the work have become strong drivers at their institutions.

Currently, the project partners are trialing the modules with students as well as developing new ones. As we head towards Christmas, we’re expecting to be kept very busy arranging mentoring sessions across Northumberland and County Durham.