“BlackBoard can be more than just a repository”

Danny and Sue during the e-Learning Essentials workshop at Northumberland College

As Danny was taking staff at Northumberland College through the principals of enquiry-based e-learning, I sneaked a few of the workshop attendees across the corridor for a quick chat.

I was eager to hear the progress especially as one of the original e-learning modules had already been trialled in classroom.

The result was encouragingly positive.

Joyce Guthrie, Programme leader for Teacher Education courses who used the classroom management module with her students, described her trial as a success, but had already made notes on what to do differently next time.

“I would take a bit more time setting it up, post more comments myself, be more insistent about working online, remind them that you are going out teaching in the 21st century and these are skills that you can use in your own teaching as well.”

For Joyce, the workshop served as a useful reminder of the principles behind good quality e-learning.

“I’m just dying to get going really!”

I’ve collated the key points from all the interviews into one short clip.