2015 and all that!

As 2015 dawned Sue and I got to grips with the changed circumstances of the project. With Netskills ceasing as an individual service we had the task of driving the project towards completion within its original timeframe.

Among the many changes our regular blog chronicler, interview and video expert and general project publicity manager Hanna had left for pastures new down in Bath while I’d become a freelance and left the cosy confines of the Netskills office and all the easily solicited advice and help that was available from the many and varied professionals I had worked with for 15 years.

Being somewhat rootless Sue and I decamped to Regus on the team valley to run the final workshop session as we geared up for the final push. We wanted somewhere away from the mainstream of any of the colleges as work always seems to get in the way of creation when you run onsite.

It seems that the FE sector undergoes continual change amid constant cost cutting and January delivered more of the same as the colleges involved in the project underwent yet more contraction which signalled more challenges to the successful completion of the project.

At this point I have to pay tribute to the staff from the colleges taking part in the project, despite the problems at their respective colleges which reflect problems in the overall FE sector their enthusiasm could not be faulted. I’d arrived that day with some trepidation about having to raise morale but after tea and biscuits and a general session of putting the world to rights they were as eager as ever to crack on.

The feedback on the use of the units was top class and the stimulation of discussions between teachers and students whilst using the units was helping to break down barriers around the use of e-learning.

As we hit the final straight we are now producing an additional module to add to the six that currently exist of which more in the next post.